Anugrah Memorial College, Gaya (Bihar)
A Consituent Unit of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya

Director’s (Deptt. of Business Management) Message

Director Deptt. of Business Management

A sea change in educational pattern has taken place in the Indian sub-continent in this era. Transformation from regulation to liberalisation, from protection to integration with international markets and from planned economy demands new thinking, new approaches and new skills to accelerate the growth momentum and assure success in life ahead.

The Deptt. of Business Management in this college has been established as a centre of excellence in management and Computer Applictions , through the initiative and support of eminent personalities and intellectuals who have rich, varied and profound expertise in the field of Computer and Communication Technology.

It is our aim to develop youths with a strong theoretical and experimental foundation in BBM and BCA degree courses, in view of the vast scope of employment opportunities in the field of Management and Computer applications. We strive through these courses of Management and Computer Applications to educate new generation of managers and administrators to professional competence, and to communicate them the attitudes and values which elicit commitment of their and ethical responsibilities. The department has a full-time team of faculty supported by visiting fellows and a large number of renowed professional and academicians form top management institutions of India.

I hope, you must appreciate our efforts and join this college with devotion, dedication and determination as ' thete is no future in any job, the future lies in the man who holds the job'.

Dr. Nand Kumar Singh
Deptt. of Business Management
A. M. College, Gaya.
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Co-ordinator ’s ( Deptt. of B.Sc. (IT) ) Message

Co-ordinator B.Sc. (IT)

Information Technology and Management is the latest technology to provide upto date knowledge to our students. Our college is committed to provide quality education in this field.

The experienced and qualified teachers will help our students in achieving their goal. I am confident that our students of Information Technology will prove their worth for the benefits of the human being under the guidance of their teachers.

Deptt. of B.Sc. (IT)
A. M. College, Gaya.
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Co-ordinator ’s ( Deptt. of Biotechnology ) Message

Co-ordinator B.Sc. (Bio-Technology)

Biotechnology is the modern branch of Science integrating, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biophysics, Moleculer Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology etc.

It is fastest growing branch of Science and playing vital role in shaping the future of mankind. It provide immense job opportunity in different areas os Science and Technology.

A M College, Gaya offers B.Sc. (Biotechnology) three year degree course from session 2010-11. I ensure that the students will be provided high standard of education, rich library, well equipped laboratories with the guidance of talented faculty.
I wish them all success.

Dr. Satyendra Kr. Singhs
Deptt. of Biotechnology
A. M. College, Gaya.
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