Anugrah Memorial College, Gaya (Bihar)
A Consituent Unit of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya
Department Of Biotechnology

looking for a smart job ? There is a way.

Biotechnology is the fastest growing applied science whose potential is bringing revolution not only in Biology but also in the field of Bio-industry. It Includes the use of biological organisms, their constituents of their commercial products for the betterment of mankind. Biotechnology plays pivotal role in the production of rare and medicinally valuable molecules, in health care, industrial chemical, forestry, agriculture, plastic industry, oil recovery, pollution control and in changing the hereditary traits of plants and animals. All these are possible with the help of various techniques that constitute Biotechnology such as Genetic engineering, Tissue Culture, Bio-processing, Bio-information, Protein engineering, Monoclonal antibodies etc. In recent years it has become a fascinating branch of Science with wide scope in various fields. It also provides job opportunities in the field of :-

  1. Agricultural industries
  2. Genetic counseling.
  3. Food processing industries.
  4. Pharmaceutical Test.
  5. Medical Pathology
  6. Bio-Medical research, etc.
      Anugrah Memorial College, Gaya offers a three year Vocational degree course in Biotechnology from the session 2010-2011. On successful completion of the course and passing out the requisite examinations, the candidate will be awarded. B.Sc. (Vocational) Hons. Biotechnology degree of Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya.