Anugrah Memorial College, Gaya (Bihar)
A Consituent Unit of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya

Our Objectives

  • Promote quality education for all.
  • Advance and disseminate learning and knowledge.
  • Effort to alleviate the socio-economic strata of life & society.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility in the students to serve the society.
  • Endeavor to amalgamate knowledge in the working place, agriculture, business, teaching, etc.
  • Imbibe confidence of identity in the first generation students of SC, ST & OBC.
  • Promote inter-disciplinary study.
  • To inculcate extra-curricular activities amongst the students.
  • Impart conception of parliamentary system, democratic attitude and constitutional bindings amongst the students.
  • Ellimination of social differences through education
  • Above all to turn the students into a good dutiful citizen.

Reviewing the present university Scene, Particularly the burgeoning number of students enrolled at the first degree level in Arts, science and Commerce Courses and pursuing education without any specific and well defined objective, the U.G.C came to the conclusion that a fresh and more meaningful exercise is needed to restructure education at the first degree level. This has to be done in such a way that apart from providing knowledge and attitudes required for creative and productive functioning in the 21st century. The proposed courses at this level should aim at imparting among students skills which are in demand and which a student can use to lead a dignified life as a productive citizen of a democrative country. With the same view Deptt. of Business Management, A. M. College, Gaya has been established in year 1998. It got U.G.C. Sponsorship and Magadh University approval. The aim of the BCA programme is to make students self relient and confident software and management professionals so that they may venture for self-employment, take up key responsibilities in the corporate sectors as a computer Programmer, manager and System Administrator and bring prosperity to the nation. The specific computer and management courses run here since year 1998 is three years Honours Degree Course in Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA Hons.) and BBM. Almost all the student score more than 60% marks in university examination. Several passed-out students of this college have got placements in some reputed organisation like Banking, Insurance, Call centres, Software development companies etc. Many of them started their own business and doing well. Students and guardians of Gaya Division area are now realising the importance of this professional courses. Even some of current students are doing part-time jobs and are minimising the financial burden of their family. All these phenomena shows that the Deptt. of Vocational Education has aquired a full fledged shape of a prestigious, not only as a Deptt. but as a work-shop of producing a skilled IT professional of Quality. There is a rush seen during the enrollment session of the course, that is the signal of the success of the Deptt’s functioning. This has only been happened due to able leadership of our Director and hard efforts of the faculty team.

Recently the college started two new courses, namely, B.Sc.(IT) and B.Sc. (Bio-technology).